Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Introducing... The Heidinger!

Merry Christmas! Today I want to debut the new IP I've been working on!

This project was created in 2010, in a story-boarding class in college. Little did I know that I would continue to push forward on it and mold it. The assignment was to create a good guy and a bad guy, write a script and direct a fight scene between the two in 50 frames.

This was the birth of HEIDINGER.

The original story was about my character, Jenda, a dragon knight cursed with “The Mark,” who was orphaned as a child when her village was mysteriously annihilated. As she returns to her place of birth to find it assaulted once more, she uncovers a dark legend about the mark that ties into her village’s slaughter. Now she must choose between her knightly duties and her personal vengeance to find the ones responsible for the death of her people so long ago. Aided by her dragon and a handful of allies, she will brave the perilous world of Arius and the unknown forces within, by hunting down the legend known only as… the Heidinger.

This project has expanded into a full comic book series and Wayne Thomason will be joining me to help write the book. Below are my original story-boards and character designs:

So without further ado, here's the finished cover to the introductory Prologue issue of HEIDINGER, due out by March (Hopefully!) :

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  1. Great storyboard! AWESOME COVER!!!! Looking forward to your finished project.

  2. Thank you... I'm working very hard on this! It's going to be a great ride!