Sunday, March 26, 2017


I'm super excited and proud to announce that I will be teaming up with one of the premier art reference sites on the web, POSESPACE.COM! They have asked me to do an ADVANCED REVIEW of one of their flagship books, due out in several months!

Check back here soon for my very first product review!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My new art videos!

Today I'm coming out and debuting my new art video series. The purpose is to put up tutorials, demo art products and give product reviews. I'll also be discussing various other topics that pertain to today's artist in this modernized workforce. Please join me and hopefully it'll be a fun journey!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Complexities Web Series

Earlier in 2016, I was asked to be involved in a really kool project, a web-drama series called Complexities.

This reunited me with an old school/neighborhood friend of mine- the talented, the beautiful, the hard working, the positive, the up, the down, the delicious... writer, actress, singer, director, producer and all around thespian Courtni Saizon! Working with her entertainment company, Fragile Wildflower Productions, she pulled me on-board as a promotional graphic designer.

Complexities can best be described, by me, as a series that mirrors how incredibly intricate adult relationships tend to be. The acting is top notch and Courtni's stylized character interplay is in full effect. Expect lots of plot twists and turns!

Please check out the Complexities Web Series debut episode here:

Art Tutorials Incoming!

This is one of the videos I've made in a series to teach how to create your own comic book in Photoshop. The videos will be short and simple and hopefully, easy to understand.

In this video, Creating Comic Book Word Balloons In Photoshop, I also explain a little about how to use the Pen Tool, which is an often avoided tool in PS due to it being difficult to master. The reality is that it offers the fastest, most editible and non-destructive way to create word balloons for your comics.

This video will soon be joined by others shortly so please come check them out!