Kal Mebane is an award winning and published illustrator, designer, musician and writer and is the creator of Enigma Resolve. He is best known for his artistic involvement in award winning and critically acclaimed children's books such as Morning Rain by Sheila Cayolle, The Wisdom of Dr. Soles by Sharyn Shields and as a rock drummer in the music industry.

Enigma Resolve LLC was created in late 2004 as a way for gaining creative freedoms as a freelancer that aren't available in today's more corporate climate.

The Enigma Resolve Blogspot was born in Sept, 2014 as a hub for the different aspects of my creativity. It allows me to teach and share my techniques and hopefully, allow others to reach me as an influence as well.

My main goals within Enigma Resolve are:

       - The ability to join my love and expertise of visual art and music into my own projects

       - A launching pad for the development of my personal IP's and merchandise

       - To allow for my personal expression on topics that would not be available in other settings

       - To share and collaborate with others on an artistic level that allows for growth for all involved