Thursday, April 30, 2020

FREE COMIC! Store opening!

What a year so far…

COVID-19: a mysterious new virus that attacks the respiratory system has ravaged the planet. The economy has all but shut down as people now adhere to house arrest-like quarantine. The citizens of the world try to balance between maintaining normalcy and social distance. The worldwide death toll is currently in the hundreds of thousands, specifically 217,132, with millions having contracted the virus.


It sounds like a science fiction movie but the fact that this is reality is terrifying to most of us. Alternatively, on the other side of that fence is…the boredom. Oh my god, the boredom.Times like this, we are reminded that half the world are extroverts who rely more on interaction over introspection, but I digress.

Realistically, during these times, people need productive outlets. People need those positive distractions – the entertainment, the mental escape – to calm their emotions. I'm an artist who tries to offer this type of entertainment, which is why I’ve decided to open my store.


In my store, I’m offering two new products. The first is a limited edition lithograph to celebrate the debut of my new comic, Project 45. An autographed version is also offered. The second is a downloadable digital preview of Project 45, along with some other goodies. Due to COVID-19 quarantine boredom, I’m offering it for FREE!


So please, check out my store to download the Project 45 #1 Preview Package and use the coupon code: 2PGZRRD1S8KM during check out. Enjoy and be safe and healthy.