Sunday, June 14, 2015

Transformers: Kup & Hot Rod


This three page story, drawn by Rui Onishi and colored by me, was featured in the comic for the 2012 Auto Assembly Transformers convention.

It was an honor coloring Rui's lines and I longed to work with her for years. I was VERY nervous about it at first, as her use of blacks in this story are very expressive and loose. I think my anime cel-shade coloring style mixed very well with her's in the end. I'd love to do more work with her!

Note: I decided to color the characters in their more traditional cartoon palette rather than the comic colors. I think this gives the characters more continuity. Below are all three pages, in their original form, without text:


  1. AWESOME COLORING! You definitely complement one another and I'm sure she was honored as well.

    1. Thanx! Well I hope so and I think she liked it because she told me how I was able to match her anime cel style.