Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Introducing PROJECT 45!


For the past few years, I've been chipping away at my own story, Project 45, in-between the plethora of logo designs, books and multimedia commissions that usually occupy my time. Now, I finally get to present it to the world!

Project 45 is a science fiction space adventure following a misfit team consisting of Beatrix, Aestas and Taura. They attend an all-girl military school in space called Tidereus Academy, which is built into a large asteroid.

The school teaches intergalactic diplomacy, which assigns small groups of students, called Projects, on missions to deal with conflicts. Project 45 is the worst and oldest group at their school, having been kept back so many times due to their rebellious and often violent way of dealing with their missions. 

With Project 45 struggling to graduate, they face their biggest challenge yet... their first mission with the team's newest member, Carmen.

Carmen is the main character and newest member of Project 45 and the first human to be accepted into Tidereus Academy. As a transfer student who is eager to prove herself, she tries desperately to fit in with the team by using her humor and remains optimistic that she will eventually win their trust. Carmen has limited telepathic powers but her greatest asset to the team is as a gifted sharpshooter. Carmen is also the team’s historian; particularly enjoying Earth history from the 1980’s and always listening to 80’s rock/pop- calling it “classical music.”

Beatrix is the leader of Project 45 and a member of the feared Danaki clan, an alien race with a dark, uncontrollable power. She is a powerful mage specializing in black magic; able to control the elemental energies of fire, water, lightning, etc. but also has limited healing abilities. Although she is stern and can seem downright cold at times, she is also quite motherly and respected by the other team members.

Aestas is the calm, refined, intellectual peacekeeper of Project 45. She is unique in being the only member who is mute, preferring to speak only through mental telepathy. Her telepathic abilities make her the communications specialist and she doubles as the team’s science analyst. Aestas also has the unusual power of being able to manipulate whatever matter she touches for a limited amount of time, called haptokinesis.

Taura is rebellious, hotheaded and ill-tempered. The other members typically dismiss her erratic behaviors, as her loyalty to Project 45 supersedes her bad attitude. She suffers from fits of violence due to a traumatic childhood on her war-torn planet. Taura is the team’s mechanical genius and prefers to sit alone, making upgrades to her weaponized cybernetic arm. These upgrades and penchant for bloodshed, make her the fiercest member of Project 45!

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PROJECT 45 © Kaland Mebane and Enigma Resolve, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without the express written permission of the copyright holders. Names, characters, places, and incidents featured in this publication are either the product of the creator’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or dead), events, institutions, or locales, without satiric intent, is coincidental. Project 45, Enigma Resolve and the Enigma Resolve logo are trademarks of Enigma Resolve, LLC. All rights reserved.

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