Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Interview w/ Comic Creators Anonymous!

Wow, does time fly!

Earlier this month I had an interview with Gary Watson of Comics Anonymous in the UK. Gary is dedicated to keeping up with the independent creators in the comic industry. It was a pleasure to talk with him about how I got started in my career and the projects I'm working on now and into the future.

Thank you Gary Watson for the feature and I hope to chat with you again with updates!

You can read the interview at his website here:

Also, earlier in the year, I was interviewed by a radio show called StudenTalk, whose purpose is to help and inform students of for-profit colleges like Art Institute. I was featured on their fifth episode on May 7th. The one hour interview focused on my own personal challenges and goals to help such students after the crippling debt we tend to end up with after our over-priced and often fraudulent art education.

It's possibly one of the most personal interviews I'd ever do but the object was to share the ups and downs of being taking advantage of as an artist and how that's sculpted my business sense as an entrepreneur.

Many thanks to Joseph White and Sanders Fabares for the opportunity to share my story! You can check out the episode here:

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