This is the website for an incredible artist, and long time friend, Jason Reeves. He does it all, from comic book illustration to advertising to toy design. I collaborate with him from time to time and we are still trying to come up with the perfect team up, when time permits, so keep your eyes open for that. Check him out!

Visual Deviant
Here is the home site to designer extraordinaire, Mark Regynski. Another good friend of mine, he's one hell of a graphic designer and the most talented web designer I know. He's also the only guy who knows more Earth, Wind & Fire trivia than I do, so that makes him pretty damn important!

WaterSeed is a great Funk/R&B band featuring my best friend, Sir Jentleman Sharp von Crumpenstein, Esq. aka J-Sharp aka Jeremi Crump. They are a world toured band and Jeremi is one of the greatest pianists on the face of the earth. Don't just take my word for it- check out their site for tour dates and tell them to play in your city. Their live shows are NOT to be missed!

For me, JetPens is the ONLY place to get my pens, pencils, etc. They specialize in rare and specialty drawing utensils with a few surprises thrown in as well. I spend hours here browsing new tools to try for my art. They also ship super fast!

Blick Art
You want art materials? Want art stuffs? Go here! 'Nuff said.

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