Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm back!

Wow! Two months have gone by without a post! I'm slipping! Of course, I have my reasons- really KOOL reasons. ;)

Right now, I'm working on and will be releasing my own IP! It's a sci-fi/fantasy comic called Heidinger. The art will be by 'yours truly' and will be written by Wayne Thomason. (More on this later...)

Last month, my first merchandising deal was completed for Heidinger, which I'm VERY excited about. The comics and merchandise will be sold here in the future.

From here, I will be actively staying more current with updates. Along with regularly posting more art, I'm working on a better, more proper art gallery as well as a functional store here. 

I have TONS of musical and artistic projects that I'll unveil soon but for now it's under wraps. Just know that this place will be growing!

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